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Absolutely stunning show. I learn so much each and every episode and can totally relate. Kyle talks about serious subjects in an accessible way that I’ve never heard anyone else be able to approach. Glorious!

Incredible; life changing

This series is absolutely life changing. It truly is an incredible, different show that talks about life and death in a way I’ve never heard.


Powerful Series on Death & Grief

This is the most powerful podcast I’ve ever listened to. Haunting, raw and real. This is real stuff out in a real way. I’ve never heard a show like this. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

Poignant and powerful

I really appreciate this show. Part heart-wrenching grief memoir, part fascinating deep-dive into the science, history, and work of grief and death. It breaks through taboos by speaking openly about something we all go through in life. I’ve found Kyle’s reflections to be especially meaningful and a comforting guide in my own grief process. Thank you!

Insanely touching

Insanely touching series that is heartbreaking, fascinating & informative.


It’s a vulnerable and beautiful expression of what many go through and just don’t talk about. It’s also an invitation to understand, express and feel your grief and guilt emotions to heal and learn. Much needed. Well done. Thank you.


Incredibly powerful with a beautifully tragic story mixed with real conversations with leading experts in their fields that give great insight into the very souls of their professions with giving the very best of what they learned.

Incredibly powerful

This is an incredibly powerful series that is an intimate look at the loss of a parent. Heartbreaking & totally raw mixing his grief journey with expert interviews that offer actionable advice.

Thank you

I want to thank you for this podcast. I can completely relate to the emotional moments you went through after hearing your moms diagnosis as I went through very similar ones after I heard my sisters diagnosis. The toll it takes on you physically and mentally is still so vivid to me 19 years later. It’s refreshing to know your not alone. I look forward to listening to the next episodes. After my sister passed away it was very tough for me. There were hardly any places for sibling loss. I struggled and always wanted to start a site where siblings could go and talk about their feelings. You have inspired me in so many ways to do this now. Thank you!!!


I have been looking forward to you releasing this. I know I will find some help and comfort in loved ones I’ve lost and maybe even some direction on how to help the healing process! Your work is always amazing! Thank you for branching out and doing something different that no one talks about.


This sounds amazing. Can’t wait for it to air.

great voice over !

I can’t wait to listen to this podcast! Kyle is a courageous human being and a talented creative, I’m very excited to listen to what he has to offer!

I Hope You Find Peace

I have truly poured my heart & soul into this project and I really *REALLY* hope this series helps give you tools to help you get through what may be the hardest time of your life.