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Todd Harra

Funeral Director / Author

Todd Harra has over a decade of experience as a licensed funeral director and embalmer, and is a certified postmortem reconstructionist and cremationist. He has cowritten two nonfiction books about the profession, Mortuary Confidential and Over Our Dead Bodies, and is an associate editor for Southern Calls, a renowned journal in the funeral profession. He is the president of the Delaware State Funeral Directors Association and lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

Oct. 7, 2022

6. The Funeral (& Other Strange Death Rituals)

Kyle McMahon discusses the writing his Mom's eulogy, going to the viewing, the funeral and the burial. Then, Kyle talks with Todd Hara, Vice President of McCrery & Harra Funeral Homes and Crematory and best selling author of Last Rites: …

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